Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you like olives on your large family style pizza?

If you do, odds are your are eating California Grown Olives.

California produces over 95% of the olives grown in the US--but that doesn't mean we're all big business. Ours are not mechanically run, industrial farms, but multi-generational orchards powered by hardworking American farmers and their families. Plots come in all sizes and they are individually serviced by some of the finest stewards of our land. They range from small 5-acre lots to 1,000-acre multi-crop farms, but strict growing and handling standards remain consistent.
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California Ripe Olives are grown on family farms in the inland valleys of California from San Diego Country to north of Sacramento. Our biggest growing regions are Tulare County in the San Joaquin Valley, and Glenn and Tehama Counties in the northern Sacramento Valley.
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Can you use Olives for more than just pizza? I guess that's up to you...
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